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After eight long days of clerical worker strikes in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, a tentative agreement was reached late last night for a new contract. The terminals are now operational.  
Yesterday, strikes have impacted local port operations for Long Beach and Los Angeles.  Due to the strike, please be aware that some piers may have ceased operations. Today the strikes continue as there is talk of an eight hundred person...Read More
The Port of Los Angeles has been among the busiest ports in the United States for decades.  The Port of Los Angeles continues improvements with their advanced modernization project that will kick off in January of 2013 There are two...Read More
On October 22 the office of the U.S. Trade Representative issued a press release regarding the laws and regulations between the U.S. and Panama that will enter into force on October 31 2012. The agreement is expected to immediately reduce or...Read More
BGI Worldwide Logistics, Inc. President and CEO, Gabriel Shweiri, will host a webinar with the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.  The topic in discussion will be Introduction To Import. Join the discussion with Gabriel Shweiri and the Irvine...Read More