Air Freight Export Services

Air export freight shipment

  • Expedited cargo via commercial carriers
  • Air charter for high security or heavy lift
  • Consolidated cargo
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Customs clearance
  • Commercial shipments only

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International Air Cargo Export Services

International Air Cargo Export Services

As a leading export air freight forwarder, BGI Worldwide Logistics provides air cargo export services from virtually any airport in the U.S. for companies that need to ship on an expedited timeline.

Moving freight via air drastically reduces shipping time.  This is particularly important for greater inventory control for "just-in-time" manufacturing and stocking.  Reduced shipping time is also important for certain commodities in order to lower shipping costs and deliver superior goods on time. When an expedited timeline is required, the experts at BGI can handle vital shipments and get them there fast and safe.

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How Is Air Cargo Shipped?

Air cargo offers the opportunity to ship goods quickly, but it requires precise timing to get the package from one location to another.  Without a proper logistics, the shipment may not be delivered in a timely manner.

BGI Worldwide Logistics understands how to plan for transport of goods from door-to-door.  With an extensive network of worldwide partners, BGI can handle almost any shipping job, no matter where the goods are located or where they are going.  Once the shipping plan is in place, the goods are picked up at the point of the origin and delivered to the destination point in the shortest time possible.

What Are Some of the Factors Affecting Air Cargo Shipments?

Typically, air cargo ships either by pallet or as loose cargo. Air freight shipping costs are based on actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.  In air shipping, space is at a premium, so the more compact a bundle of goods is the less chance it will be judged by dimensional weight and the higher the probability of the shipper paying for actual weight.

Actual weight refers to the poundage of the goods plus any containers or shipping material around them.  Dimensional weight, on the other hand, is a measure that is derived from the weight of the package as well as the size of the package.  Even if a package is very light, it may cost more to ship it by air than by other means if it takes up a huge amount of room on the plane. 

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Why Choose BGI Worldwide Logistics?

There are many companies that offer worldwide shipping via air and other methods.  Why choose BGI Worldwide Logistics over other companies?

The simple answer is because BGI has the network connections and experience to get your package from one point to another quickly, safely and cost-effectively.  BGI has built up a network of contacts all over the world who can move your goods from Point A to Point B in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost to you.

Along with our partners worldwide, BGI can handle your transportation needs from your site to the final point of delivery using our broad network of trucking carriers along with air, ocean or rail shipping.  We will assist you with all aspects of the export process, including customs clearance, to ensure that your goods are transported swiftly and safely.



Specifications for Air Freight Containers

Incoterms® 2010

For an understanding of the rules that reflect business-to-business contracts for the sale of goods, click here.


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