To Convert To Multiply by
Cubic feet (CBF) Cubic Meets (CBM) 0.028317
Cubic Meter (CBM) Cubic Feet (CBF) 35.3145
Short Ton (STN) Metric Ton (TON) 0.9072
Metric Ton (TON) Short Ton (STN) 1.102
Pound (LB) Kilogram (KG) 0.4536
Kilogram (KG) Pound (LB) 2.2046
Centimeter (CM) Inche (IN) 0.3937
Inche (IN) Centimeter (CM) 2.54
Inche (IN) Meter (MTR) 0.0254
Feet (FT) Meter (MTR) 0.3048
Meters (MTR) Feet (FT) 3.201
Meter (MTR) Inche (IN) 39.37
Long Ton (LTN) Metric Ton (TON) 1.016
Metric Ton (TON) Long Ton (LTN) 0.984


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