Domestic Air Freight

Loading cargo for domestic air shipment

  • Next flight out and next day flight services
  • Express package service
  • Expedited and deffered freight
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Track and trace shipments
  • Commercial shipments only

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Domestic Air Cargo Shipping

When every second counts, customers turn to BGI Worldwide Logistics as one of the most reliable domestic air freight forwarders in the United States and Canada. Air cargo transportation decreases shipping time, allows for greater inventory control for just in time manufacturing and stocking, generally results in superior condition of goods upon arrival, and for certain commodities, lower shipping costs.

BGI offers expedited air freight shipping services for time-critical shipments. Our network of scheduled air cargo carriers moves cargo fast and efficiently and when combined with express trucking, can give you critical delivery options other logistic companies simply can’t.

Typically air cargo either ships on a pallet or as loose cargo. Palletized goods are assembled and secured by nets and straps before being loaded as a unit onto an airplane. Loose cargo is delivered to an airline as separate packages and loaded and unloaded onto airplanes (or ULDs) by airline employees. Air freight shipping costs are based on actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

BGI’s air cargo services include tracking your shipments by monitoring them in the air and on the ground to ensure safe, timely delivery.



Specifications for Air Freight Containers

Incoterms® 2010

For an understanding of the rules that reflect business-to-business contracts for the sale of goods, click here.


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