International Oversized Freight Shipping

International Oversized Freight Shipping

Oversized freight, Roll On Roll Off (RO/RO), and Load on Load Off (LO/LO) services for international shipments

BGI Worldwide Logistics is your oversized freight specialists. Providing your company with professional and reliable import or export services for oversized or project freight is our priority. Discover what sets BGI apart and contact us now to learn about our oversized freight services, including customs clearance of your oversized, heavy equipment, heavy machinery, or project freight. We also provide lift-on lift-off freight service.




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As global demand for construction equipment increases it’s important to understand the process and ocean freight costs associated with shipping heavy machinery internationally. Most oversized heavy machinery is not shipped in a conventional ocean freight container but instead loaded and unloaded off an ocean freight vessel through a method called roll-on roll-off or ro/ro. Rolling stock is actually “rolled on” a ro/ro vessel, and some multi-purpose vessels may or may not have a ramp and may need to be loaded with a crane.


Shipping costs associated with RORO are primarily based on both the cubic meter and weight of the machinery. Specifically ocean freight cost for heavy machinery is based on weight (per ton) or measure (per CBM) whichever one is greater. Weight is also used to determine port/terminal fees. There may be some limitations on vessel capacity if the weight is really high, but this is not usually a factor on most shipments.


To calculate the cubic meter of any piece of equipment, the dimensions (length, width, and height) must be provided by the shipper. Take for example the 13 ton Volvo Excavator pictured below:

Heavy Equipment Measurement Guide - BGI

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The length is based on the measurement from the back of the house to the end of the boom (L), the width is based on the measurement of the widest part of the excavator which in most cases is the house (A), and the height is the measurement from the ground to the top of the house (C). In order to receive an accurate transportation quote shippers must be able to provide the dimensions, weight, and if possible a picture of the equipment being transported.


Let the experienced professionals at BGI Worldwide Logistics act as a true partner, assisting you through the import or export process including customs clearance. We also offer trucking services to move your heavy machinery to and from any location in the U.S.



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