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Enhance your logistics with our complimentary cutting-edge Transportation Management Technology.

With our top-notch freight management system, you’ll make your operations smoother, save money, and be even more efficient.

And the best part? It’s all part of our commitment to giving you the most excellent supply chain management solutions.

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Value Added Services

  • Un único punto de contacto con el que trabajar a lo largo de su asociación con nosotros
  • A personalized dashboard that is easy to use and puts you in the driver’s seat of the data that matters most to you
  • Solutions that come with navigating over two decades of transportation management challenges.
  • The unmatched experience and commitment BGI brings to each and every one of our clients


Check out our incredible web services:

  • Get instant rate quotes – No more waiting around – just fast, accurate pricing for your shipping needs
  • Effortless booking and dispatching – Arranging shipments has never been simpler
  • Speedy document delivery – Receive the documents you need automatically and quickly
  • Point-to-point tracking with email updates – Stay in the loop with up-to-date info on your shipment’s progress
  • Real-time document retrieval – Access important paperwork whenever you need it, right at your fingertips
  • Exception reporting – Keep an eye on any potential issues so you can address them promptly
  • Vendor management – Effortlessly manage your relationships with suppliers and other partners

Interested in finding out how customized solutions can help you streamline your company’s supply chain?

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