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Air Freight

Air Freight

International Air Freight Forwarder

As a freight forwarder BGI provides international air cargo shipping services to and from origins around the world for those urgent import and export shipments that require expedited service.

Shipping via air decreases shipping time, generally results in superior condition of goods upon arrival, allows for greater inventory control for just in time manufacturing and stocking, and for certain commodities, lower shipping costs. BGI Worldwide Logistics provides air freight services worldwide for shipments that need an expedited timeline. When time is of the highest priority, you want our network of service partners and agents across North America, and at points around the world, handling your urgent shipments.

Along with our partners worldwide, BGI can handle your air freight transportation needs from the airport to the final point of delivery and will assist you with all aspects of the international air import and export process, including customs clearance.

Actual Vs. Dimensional Weight

Historically shipping costs have been calculated based on the gross weight or actual weight in kilograms or pounds. However, by charging only by weight, low density packages become unprofitable for air cargo carriers due to the amount of space they take up in an aircraft. For example, if a carrier charged the same for shipping a pound of feathers as they do for a pound of produce it would be unprofitable.

If a shipment is less than the minimum density of the industry standard, then the actual weight is not relevant and the freight carrier will charge based on dimensional weight. Dimensional Weight is calculated as length x width x height / dimensional factor. Dimensional weight is also known as DIM weight, volumetric weight and cubed weight.

Domestic Air Cargo

Domestic air freight is key to any domestic logistics operation. Air shipping is the preferred solution for urgent and time critical shipments within the United States.

In addition to providing transport with our airfreight carriers, BGI also offers a full array of trucking and freight options once your shipment has landed. Your shipments are monitored in the air and on the ground to insure on time delivery.

BGI also provides international ocean transport for all your import and export shipping.


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