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With so many risks associated with doing business in the global marketplace, it is essential that you have the appropriate cargo insurance to manage the risk of dealing with foreign transactions and investments.

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BGI works closely with underwriters to provide flexible and economical international and domestic insurance rates.

Whether you choose our broadest all-risk coverage or a tailored insurance policy, we will help you choose the best cargo insurance program to meet your needs.

With air, ocean, trucking, and rail insurance from BGI, you get peace of mind knowing that in an unfortunate event, your investment is fully protected.


Answers To Your Top 5 Questions About Cargo Insurance

Carrier’s Standard Cargo Liability Insurance is limited to:

If your shipments exceed the standard cargo liability limit, BGI recommends that you purchase additional insurance coverage known as Shipper’s Interest Coverage for the full value of your shipment.

Talk to BGI about the best insurance options for you and purchase any needed coverage. It is up to each shipper to request such coverage and declare the value to be covered. You can purchase this coverage from BGI or your own provider.

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