Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Freight

Q: What is Intermodal shipping?

A: Intermodal shipping uses multiple modes such as container ship, rail, and truck to transport freight. This reduces handling, freight damage, and costs while improving security and shipping speed.

Q: How long does it take to ship my cargo across the United States and Canada?

A: Anywhere between overnight and 7 to 10 days. BGI offers options to fit your needs and budget. Airfreight is generally considered the fastest method, but trucking offers quick transport and lower costs. We can show you the different options including intermodal shipping.

Q: What if I don’t have a loading dock?

A: BGI will use a lift-gate truck and pallet jack to load or unload your shipment.

Q: Can BGI pick up cargo from a storage unit or warehouse?

A: Yes. Special arrangements must be made in advance. BGI will need to coordinate with you and the storage facility. You or an authorized representative must meet the driver at the pick-up location.

Q: Can I ship personal effects?

A: BGI only ships commercial goods.

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