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Less Than Truckload Shipping

Find the best LTL freight rates for your company’s ground shipments. Compare rates, book, and track your freight all in one place.

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With our cutting-edge transportation management system (TMS), you get a complete cloud-based logistics management system all in one.

From LTL rates to document generation and tracking shipments, when you entrust your company’s freight to BGI you get unparalleled convenience, control, and cost savings for your domestic shipping.

BGI has partnered with the nation’s best LTL freight carriers to provide competitive shipping rates and a wide variety of transport services throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

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LTL Freight Management

We offer customized tools for you to easily streamline and manage your LTL freight shipments with features like instant rates, centralized access to your documentation, and shipment history.

Our instant quoting tool lets you choose the best carrier for each shipment. Select common accessorial options and see fuel surcharge and transit time along with the shipping rates. 

BGI’s online system empowers you to:

  • Generate less-than-truckload pricing
  • Choose guaranteed services
  • Book shipments
  • Create bills of lading
  • Create invoices
  • Review all of your activity
  • Track shipments


BGI keeps you in sync with your shipping status and monitors where your freight is at all times.


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Customized Instant LTL Rates

We offer direct online access to get instant LTL freight rates via our transportation management system.

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 LTL Freight Shipping Tips: Classifying Freight

Damage and loss claims in the world of LTL shipping can be a real headache and very time-consuming to logistics managers and coordinators alike.

On both inbound and outbound shipping, there are several ways you can reduce these risks and help keep freight claims to a minimum. Here are some highlights to help reduce the possibility of dealing with a claim. 

  • Ensure that your product is packaged correctly, and is carefully palletized and shrinkwrapped.
  • Make sure that all labels contain shipper and consignee contact details and the product description
  • Find a trustworthy carrier with a proven track record and a customer service team that you can depend on for timely reporting and communication.

Freight Classification

LTL motor freight rates are based on the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) standard, differing from the way other freight transportation costs are calculated.

All commodities fall into 1 of 18 classes between a low of 50 to a high of 500.

NMFC classes are based on four transportation characteristics:

  • Density
  • Stowability
  • Handling
  • Liability


Classifying LTL freight incorrectly can be costly. If you are unsure how to classify your freight our experienced specialists are standing by to provide you with any assistance you might need.


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