As the US unemployment rate came in at 3.8 percent in March 2019, it reflects the real shortage of talent, knowledge, and skills in international business and global trade, specifically in the areas of logistics, management, international marketing, global supply chain, and international finance.

The question is how to compete with the talent you have. How can a company improve the performance, knowledge, and creativity of its existing employees?

There is a common conversation among industry professionals centered around finding the right talent to fill open positions. For any company to thrive and grow in the global trade environment, it needs motivated and talented individuals with a basic knowledge of how things work globally.

It is no longer good enough for a company to provide a top-notch level of service, you must also be an expert resource.

More often than not, your client is struggling with the same challenges to find the resources to help their company grow. It’s not just outsourcing for talent, but a partnership and integration of service, technology, and information.

BGI Worldwide Logistics is focusing on our core talent and utilizing expert resources to further train its employees. The company is dedicated to improving the skills of its team members in international business and global trade as that will most benefit its customers.

In addition to supporting general education for current employees, we are encouraging employee enrollment in courses through the following organizations for industry-specific training.

National Certifications

For national certifications employees receive training in import, export, logistics, marketing, finance, transportation, and compliance through NCBFAA and NASBITE International:

  • NASBITE International: The Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) – Prepares and certifies workers in 125 specific knowledge areas of global trade within 4 domains.
  • NCBFAA: Educational Institute certifications – Prepares and certifies workers in imports, HTS classification, compliance, and freight forwarding.
  • In the state of California, there are ongoing efforts through the community colleges through specifically targeted Sector Navigators in Global Trade and advanced Logistics.

General Training

When it comes to training for more general customer service skills, including resiliency, collaboration, and how to effectively communicate with internal and external customers, there are several initiatives supported by various government agencies.

Strong workforce programs and what is known as the New World of Work soft skills training programs are available in credit and non-credit formats and available to our employees through the BGI learning portal (BGI U) on our website and through various in-class and online learning platforms.

BGI Worldwide Logistics believes that continual improvement in its employees’ knowledge will help our logistics and freight forwarding clients that import, export, and distribute products domestically and internationally become more competitive. Our skills become our client’s tools for success.